The Code in Breaking the Pattern of Inequality

LIVE – 1 September 2021

RISE UP Season 2 Episode 4 on JENN TV LIVE with Ashlyn Gurupatham, a strong and capable 15-year-old girl who is very passionate about issues on equality and the environment, to find out why is she so passionate about issues on equality.
She’s an advocate for teenage voice and the future generation. She constantly learns and educates herself in the areas of equality and has conducted many talks to address this issue. She is the CEO of Rebel Sdn Bhd, a non-profit social enterprise that’s meant to give people, especially teenagers a voice through a t-shirt.
Ashlyn will be sharing with RISE UP TV Hosts Jennifer Ong Hapa and Aemy Wong her thoughts on Rising Up To Equality – The Code in Breaking The Pattern of Inequality.