Season 2 : Ep 3 The Formula to Excel in Career and Parenting

LIVE – 18 August 2021

RISE UP IN CAREER & MOTHERHOOD – The Formula to Excel in Career and Parenting – Season 2 Episode 3 on RISE UP 

Wong Chui Ling, a famous Celebrity Host in Malaysia shares her secret formula in rising up in her career and motherhood, and how she defines BALANCE between work and family.
A Celebrity Host, Show Producer, Brand Ambassador, Speaker, Businesswoman and a mother to twin boys; Wong Chui Ling is a Wonder Woman with many hats. How is it possible for this hands-on mum to be constantly active in business and parenting at the same time?
Chui Ling shares with Jennifer Ong and Aemy Wong on RISE UP on how women can juggle career and motherhood harmoniously. Her formula to excel in career and parenting? “Manage your time wisely and know what is in your priority list”, says Chui Ling. Is it really that simple?