Cloud Events Transforms Physical Events Online in an Infotainment and Interactive way with Audience Engagement as the key, unlike the usual web seminars and meetings you’ve seen so far. We provide audiences the same experience as what expected from physical events minus the handshake.

Live Stream Event Place
To compliment the Online events and activities, our studio has an event place that allow small group attendance under strict social distancing guidelines. A hybrid event with hundreds of online audiences with 30 live audience physical attendance and face to face meeting

Cloud Events in-house production studio have successfully produced various quality and engaging Online Product Launches, B2B meetings, Forums and Product Live Streaming activities.

Image Grooming Channel (specifically for Beauticians and Hairdressers)
Ms. Sheila Wong is an International Certified Image Consultant from SWET Image International who has trained more than 70,000 of professionals in corporate world and individuals. She currently founded an Online course in Talk Show style called Image Grooming Channel, which aims to bring the impression of Beauty and Hairdressing to another level.
With just some quick changes to your fashion style, everybody can look stunning and professional, whether physically or on-screen!

BeautyOnline Young HairStylist Online Awards 2020
Highlight Show of the year by BeautyOnline, an Online Media for Beauty Professionals. 发YOUNG年华 (Upcoming Youth Hairdressers in English), is a Show created to thank the Young & Upcoming Hairdressers which has worked hard and played an important role to leverage the Hairdressing industry in Malaysia.
12 top candidates which has more than 10 years in the Hairdressing industry were selected to share their bittersweet moments throughout the years and the story behind their entrepreneurial life.

Malaysian Beauty Therapy & Aesthetic Specialist Guideline Handbook e Launch
Association of International Certified Aesthetician (AICA) never dreamed about success, but they worked for it. Despite the ban on Social Gathering, AICA took a step forward to e-Launch their Malaysian Beauty Therapy & Aesthetic Specialist Guideline, by author Prof. Dr. Ng Wee Kiong, in hope for Malaysian  beauty therapists and aesthetic specialists to understand better what is the real meaning behind the beauty and aesthetic industry.

Chef Hong Live Streaming Online F&B Event
Chef Hong, an experienced Chinese Chef from Malaysia with more than 33 years of experience in the F&B industry shares his thoughts regarding his views on title “Battle of the F&B industry”. The event is supported by CIMB Foundation, and proud to have Dato Ringo Kaw’s (CEO of Atmosphere 360) appearance as the Special Invited Guest.
During the event, Online attendees can ask questions about their views and concerns they face in the F&B industry, directing the questions to Chef Hong and CIMB Foundation representative in studio, and Dato Ringo Kaw which is Online.

First Virtual Product Launch, TEN Science by Frontline Cosmeceuticals
One of the pioneering Beauty & Cosmetics company in Malaysia, Frontline Cosmeceuticals Sdn Bhd, successfully launched their latest product in market, FILL REGENE by TEN Science Italy.
The event was successfully held Online, hosted by Frontline’s representative in studio, joined by Frontline’s Top 10 dealers in Malaysia, connected to TEN Science’s International trainer all the way from Italy and broadcasted through Social Media channels which has attracted Beauty Professionals to participate and watch.

Aesthetic Dermatology Academy Conference (ADACKL2020 Go Online) on Key Male to Attractiveness
Part of the topic in Aesthetic Dermatology Academy Conference (ADACKL2020 Go Online), Key Male to Attractiveness, presented by several world renowned speakers from across the globe has successfully brought out the true colours of what people said, DIFFERENT! With theme, James Bond, all the speakers worked closely to produce such an amazing topic despite the difference in time zone, as well as speakers from all parts of the world!

Opening Ceremony of ADACKL2020 Go Online – The 1st TV Production Online Aesthetic Conference
A whole new experience of Online Conference, proudly presents you Aesthetic Dermatology Academy Conference (ADACKL2020 Go Online) held on 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd & 29th August 2020. The Online Conference was attended by 532 delegates from 34 countries, 91 world renowned producers and speakers from 23 countries and sponsored by 8 global leading companies in the Aesthetic & Dermatology field.
With the state-of-the-art technology and magic of television, ADACKL2020 Go Online produced a total of 29 sessions across the 5 days event. Producers and speakers share information and exchange new concepts and ideas while delegates can interact online in real time. Sponsors who took part also managed to introduce and present their latest products and services engagingly.