How my Childhood Moulded me

LIVE – 6th March 2021

The very FIRST episode of LIFE’S A STAGE Channel on JENN TV by Freda Liu speaks with Jeff Sandhu and Rozella Mahjrin about their growing up years.
JENN TV is an online platform that talks about life and the realities of living. We create content with passionate presenters to produce and host their own channels. Our first collaboration channel after Jennifer Ong’s HOLD THAT THOUGHT! is with broadcasting veteran, emcee and book author Freda Liu.
Her channel is about her latest book “Life’s A Stage,” where she talks about her growing up years in Brunei, a fairly “normal” family and the basics like food and shelter was nothing to worry about. She often thinks about her life trajectory and how much of her childhood moulded her to where she is today. She often wonders if it was nature or nurture or both?