Ep. 1 : A Bridge not too far by Deepak Ohri

LIVE – 24 August 2021

A BRIDGE NOT TOO FAR by Deepak Ohri, CEO of lebua Hotels and Resorts, Bangkok – the man who made Lebua a global luxury brand in just 18 years.
Deepak is a successful self-made entrepreneur who has the guts of the bold and the heart of a humanitarian. He has an outrageous love for luxury, which he believes is an emotional experience rather than material gain. To him, luxury is not price tag, it is an experience.
In this hyper-competitive world, where the bottom line has always been profits, Deepak equates success to self-respect and compassion. He believes that in business, and in life, true fulfilment comes from listening not just to industry experts but to the whispers of our own hearts.
Deepak’s story will resonate with every fresh graduate and aspiring entrepreneur for the sheer grit and intensity shown by his characteristics in the face of adversity. His journey is of the common man, the one who has big dreams and wonders how he would ever achieve them. He shares with you such a story – a story that tells you that there is a bridge not too far from your dreams.
Let’s find out more about Deepak Ohri, his journey to success and his new book entitled “A Bridge Not Too Far.”