Welcome to Cloud Events

Modern technology has made it possible for Cloud Events to Transforms Physical Events Online in an Infotainment and Interactive way with Audience Engagement as the key, unlike the usual web seminars and meetings you’ve seen so far. We provide audiences the same experience as what expected from physical events, except the de facto greeting – handshake.

Cloud Events in-house production studio have successfully produced various quality and engaging Online Product Launches, B2B meetings, Forums and Product Live Streaming activities. No matter what kind of Online Events you’re planning for, Cloud Events is definitely just right for you.

“Imitation is Limitation”, but not with us! To compliment to Online events and activities, our studio also provides an area which allows small gathering of up to 30 attendees, where attendance are controlled and complied to strict Social Distancing guidelines. At Cloud Events, we fulfil your imagination and expectation in not just the Online World, but a Hybrid – connecting hundreds of Online together with Physical attendees, all at our Facilities & Support!